In the estimate stage we analyze the effort required to deliver stories. The estimate is delivered to the business to propose a solution to the customer.


  • Story Analysis Complete

Stage Entry Requirement

  • Stories in stage does not exceed WIP

Stage Workflow

  • Estimate
    • Marketing
    • Design
    • Development
      • Scope
      • Risk
      • Application: Client, API, Backend, Configuration, Data, Infrastructure, QA, Security, Automation, Existing Code Review/Analysis
        • Story
          • Task
            • Estimate
      • Effort
    • Hosting
  • Estimate Review

Stage Rollback

  • When questions are raised the questions are added as a new task in Discovery stage

Stage Exit Requirement

  • Estimate Approved By
    • Marketing
    • Design
    • Development
    • Hosting
    • Project Manager
    • Sales


Estimate Done

Estimate Levels

  • System Level Estimate
  • Context/Scope Level Estimate
  • Feature Level Estimate
  • Story Level Estimate
  • Task Level Estimate

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