Boards provide a means of monitoring work.

Board Types

There are boards for:

  • Customers - to monitor customer relationship management or sales activities.
  • Projects - to monitor customer projects.
  • Stories - to monitor the various items to be delivered as part of a customer project contract.
  • Tasks - to monitor the various steps to implement stories.

Board Stages

Each board can have multiple stages that work progresses through as it is completed.

Stage WIP Limit

If work is being managed with the Kanban approach, each stage can be considered a work center. As such, each stage can have a work in progress limit. Work in progress, WIP, gives the ability to provide alerts when the number of work items in a stage has exceeded the defined WIP limit.

Stage Requirements

Each stage has entry and exit requirements. These requirements are just a textual definition of what must be satisfied for work to enter or exit a stage.


I must be able to manage a story.

Tags: story

  • Logged in as team member.

View a Story

I must be able to view a story.

View story details

Tags: smoke

  • Open story
  • The story is displayed

Can't view unauthorized stories

  • Open story from a team I'm not a part of
  • The story should not be displayed

Add a Story

I must be able to add a story.

Add a valid story

Tags: smoke

  • Input a story name
  • Post the story
  • The story is added

Don't add an invalid story

  • Don't input a story name
  • Post the story
  • The story is not added

Update a Story

I must be able to update a story

Update story acceptance criteria

  • Input acceptance criteria
  • Post the story
  • The acceptance criteria is saved


View task

  • Open task

Add a task

I must be able to create a task.

Tags: task

  • Logged in.
  • Select a story.

Add a valid task

Tags: smoke

  • Input a task name
  • I post the task
  • The task is added

Can't add an invalid task

  • Don't input a task name
  • Post the task
  • The task is not added

Add a valid estimate

Tags: estimate

Estimates provide the estimated effort to complete a task on the date the estimate was added. Estimate are added in the configured unit of estimate (e.g. hours, days, story points...). Estimates are added to the task's list of estimates. Estimates are read only and can not be changed. After the initial estimate is entered all other estimates are an estimate of the remaining effort. This allows remaining effort to be adjusted over time. Estimates can be compared with actual effort to show variance and create alerts when the task is close to going over the estimated budget.

  • Select a task
  • Input an estimate
  • Post the estimate
  • The estimate is added

Can't create an invalid estimate

Tags: estimate

  • Select a task
  • Don't input an estimate
  • Post the estimate
  • The estimate is not added

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