Stage Entry Requirement

  • Stories in stage does not exceed WIP

Stage Workflow

Functional Testing (Dev)

Internal Team Testing

  • Unit Test
    • Input Validation
    • Transformation
    • Logic
    • Output
    • View Component Test
      • Component Events
      • User Events
      • View State
  • Integration Test
    • Dependency Integration
    • Client Integration

Acceptance Testing (UAT)

User Context Testing and Customer Testing

  • Regression and Client Paid Tests
    • Manual Scripted Tests
    • Exploratory Test
    • API Test
    • Visual Comparison Test

Deployment Testing (Staging)

Testing deployment to a optionally hot swappable version of production

Stage Exit Requirement

  • Unknown




Other Testing

Security, Performance, Load, Chaos...

Test Strategy and Tactics

  • Test Development Tools and Environment
  • Automatic Test Run on File Change
  • Recreating Known Test Environment State
  • Deploy Multiple Test Runner Agents and Parallel Test Execution
  • Automated Test Scheduling and Execution
  • Delivery Platform Integration
  • Comprehensive Reporting Including Flaky Test and Historical Run * Trend Analysis
  • Test Result Alerting

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